About Rebeccana day Spa in San Carlos

Elisabeth Vancea, Founder

Elisabeth Vancea, Founder

After 11 years of caring for my clients at a premiere spa in Stanford Shopping Center, I am so pleased to announce the opening of my new day spa in Downtown San Carlos, California.

My name is Elisabeth Vancea and my vision for Rebeccana Day Spa is to create a warm and loving environment where my clients will be pampered and enjoy themselves. I feel I have a gift in caring for people. My clients love me and I love them, simple as that. Building special relationships with the people I serve brings me joy. By sharing my personality and making them feel good, we become family and work together for years. 

As a certified aesthetician, I am trained in multiple skin care techniques and while I strive to create an extraordinary and relaxing experience in the spa, my goal is to help my clients achieve the healthy and beautiful skin they desire. We sell a complete line of quality and natural skin care products, only the best for clients! I tell my clients the most important thing to consider is that what you put in your body impacts the condition of your skin so take care of yourselves my friends.

A little more about me...I earned my Bachelors Degree in Law, specializing in Civil and Criminology in Bucharest, Romania (1992-1996) before coming to the United States where I studied Interior Design for 1 year then went to Beauty School. I enjoy nature, hikiing, sports, biking, art and spending time with family. Wellness of body and mind is of great importance, we need to do what we love and make time for ourselves in this life. I have 2 daughters, Rebecca and Ana after which I named my spa. I hope you will visit us soon.